The master

Creative workshop of Aleksandra Serdyukova

My name is Aleksandra Serdyukova. I am a certified master of two schools of realistic flowers modeling.

Ive been involved in design for all my life: graduated from the Academy of Design, studied at the Institute of Design and Landscape Art, attended master classes and art lessons. All this background helps me "see" the future composition.

My first degree was a production engineer. The acquired knowledge allows me to combine different types of polymer clay, use pieces of textile, semiprecious stones and other decorative elements in my compositions.

I have a big family: a beloved husband and three wonderful children, and a cat. They are the first who see my new compositions, and they are also my first fans.

Moreover, all my ornamentals and exquisite things are tested on them.

I like to create wedding bouquets. It's a great thing to compound the brides requests with her image, and create a unique bouquet as a remembrance! I am always glad to turn your fantasy into a wonderful flower!

Aleksandra Serdyukova

+38 044 332 74 01