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School of realistic flowers modeling CLAY GARDEN

I invite everybody to the wonderful world of the handmade flowers. Its an interesting and pleasant training!

Youll get to know different materials, and see the difference between the plastic arts. You will learn how to work with polymer clay and back-up tools, such us molds, cutters, sticks etc. With each class youll learn more and more new techniques of flowers modeling, and the ways they should be put together. Besides, experiencing the art of realistic flowers sculpting, youll discover the species youve never heard of before.

Your fingers will become flexible, strong and agile. After a few lessons on sculpture miniature you will easily sculpt with your own hands a Christmas-tree decoration or Christmas composition.

Having mastered the techniques of work with "cold" porcelain, also known as polymer clay, you can come up with your own fantastic flowers and create floral compositions. Your family will be surprised by your skills. Youll transform the home interior, make an ornament for your daughter or mother, and cheer up your friends with the original gifts!