Clay flowers

The brides bouquet forever!

The article by Aleksandra Serdyukova for Bride&Groom magazine #3(25) summer 2011. More>>

The brides bouquets from clay

A prototype to a brides bouquet was a small bunch of herbs and field flowers that a groom presented to a bride. This bouquet was a talisman for a young family and, perhaps, it was stored in the house for the life term. More>>

Adornments from polymer clay

Every woman has her own opinion of how she should look like. This opinion has been shaping for all our life. More>>

Flower compositions, modeled from clay, as an interior decor

The experts say that by looking at the room you can learn a lot about its habitant.
A new trend in the interior design is the realistic flower compositions modeled from polymer clay. Each composition is unique. More>>

Historic discoveries

This is a clay vase. It was found during archaeological excavations in Festus, Crete. It is decorated with clay flowers. More>>